College Counseling

The College Counseling program at Castilleja is comprehensive and student-centered.

We encourage students to explore, to further develop their interests, define their talents, and deepen their values. The Castilleja college counselors seek to empower students to direct their own college searches. Our program is a natural extension of Castilleja’s educational philosophy, emphasizing independent thinking, introspection, personal responsibility, leadership, and informed decision-making.

Our college counselors give students the tools to reach their own decisions about college– by providing information, advice, reflection, and resources throughout the process to both students and their parents/guardians. Our mission is not about placing students in particular colleges – it’s about educating students to seek excellence and balance in all that they do and to engage fully in the world.

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Heidi Gallegos

Titles: Registrar and Assistant to College Counseling, Assistant to the College Counseling Office